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24 Insanely Clever Gifts For Book Lovers

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1. Handy Bookmark

Handy Bookmark

For the meticulous type who wants to mark exactly which line they left off reading.

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ARC Review: Asking For Trouble

Asking for Trouble - Tessa Bailey

Just when I think that Tessa Bailey cannot make one of her heroes any better, I keep on being proven wrong. But the good kind of wrong where I don’t even care that I’m wrong because this guy is just so damn smoking hot I lose all sense of mind.


In Asking For Trouble we see two characters that were previously introduced in the last book, Officer Off Limits, Brent and Hayden. Holy crap were they so great together from the very beginning that I ended up reading this book straight through until the wee hours of the morning… then I got up for work. The best book hangover I’ve had in a long time. These two together were explosive and they had such great banter even when it came over as insults rather than friendly conversation.


Hayden is what I like to call an uptown girl, she’s got the money, the fancy home, she goes to fancy parties, and her mother is one of those high society types that feels it’s her God given duty to find her daughter and acceptable husband. Hayden has other ideas. She’s not comfortable with the lifestyle, she’s unhappy with the kinds of people she has to interact with since they’re so far from her down-to-earth best friend, Story. So you can imagine that while it’s been ingrained in her that she is better than most people, she has this other side that yearns to break free.


Brent is as blue collar as they come. He’s an explosives expert for the NYPD, and he’s also got a second job as a mechanic since he’s got a family to support. While he’s pretty obnoxious – sometimes – I actually roared with laughter more than anything else whenever he spoke. He’s crude and crass and just a true man’s man. He’s this 6′ 5” monster of a man and he doesn’t forget to remind Hayden of how… big he is. Pun intended. Plus he’s got this seriously dirty mouth that will have your mouth dropping open and in need of a fan. I’m serious. This guy is beyond hot and rough and big and… where was I again?


This was one seriously great read, and I give two thumbs up to Tessa Bailey who is the Master of writing dirty talking heroes that just make you swoon and melt. Her writing is great and the story is fast paced with no lulls in sight that just makes for the prefect, quick, sexy romance that will leave you more than satisfied.


*An Advance Copy was provided by the publisher in exchange of a honest review.

Source: http://fic-talk.com/2013/11/blog-tour-review-asking-for-trouble-by-tessa-bailey

ARC Review: Own The Wind

Own the Wind  - Kristen Ashley

I still remember caving and reading my very first Kristen Ashley book, then reading the second, and the third … and on and on it went. I was literally binge-reading every KA book I could get my hands on that my friends had already read because this woman just had a way with telling a story.


And more than a year later, I still haven’t figured out exactly what it is about her books that just hook you and pull you in without a second thought as to what the hell am I reading or doing.


In the end maybe it’s just that I was looking for something fresh and different and her stuff definitely is both those things.


So, the Chaos series is a spin-off to the last book Motorcycle Man in her Dream Man series, which I would encourage all to read. Those of you that are into adult romance suspense books that is. I loved it. It was really gritty and good. And it’s where we see at the very end of the book that the hero’s daughter has a crush on one of his bikers. That was also the starting point for all the pining I did until Own The Wind came out. After reading about the looks of longing that Tabitha gave to Shy. Oh, my goodness, I was lost.




At the start of OTW, we see that Tabitha or “Tabby” is still giving trouble and hanging out with the wrong kind of crowd, which is terribly ironic seeing as her dad is the president of a MC (Motorcycle club) and they’re not known for playing by the rules.


In walks Shy to the rescue, sort of. He decides that something has got to be done about Tabby’s behavior and he doesn’t get his point across to her in a very good way. He’s rude and crass and mean, and he ended up doing more bad than good. While he scared Tabby straight, he also scared her into distancing herself from the compound and him. Talk about your plan backfiring.




A lot of time also passes in this book, a lot of time where Tabby starts a new life. She’s come to terms with the fact that crushing on Shy is a bad decision and even being his friend isn’t going to work.


I actually applauded her for that, and their time apart was so riddled with angst-y goodness that really made the story for me. I ate those sad times up like it was the most decadent dessert the menu had to offer. I like good angst, and this was the best kind.


It’s not until a life-altering event brings Tabby and Shy back together, as friends. The reader sees them become friends… for awhile, but then that friendship didn’t last very long and old feelings begin to resurface again. Damn those pesky things known as “feelings” and all the problems they bring with them. I liked the progression of their relationship, even though at times I had issues with Shy. I mean, he’s not exactly the best hero out there, he’s didn’t respect the women he’d been with until Tabby, which made me think why could he not treat them better? He didn’t have to profess his undying love to every woman he had relations with but there is a thing called decency and manners. He needed to get some.


Aside from my issues with Shy, I also had issues with the heroine. After all the time she distanced herself from Shy, and then the time they spent together as friends after their reunion, why would she then have such an overwhelming feeling of jealousy after seeing him kiss a girl – that he was in a relationship with, mind you. She was also upset over the fact that as a friend he should have told her that he was seeing someone. Ah, the tangled web these people weave.




Once all of that unnecessary jealousy thing is over, these two are happy to get over everything that they’d put each other through in the past and start their life together, which included some very, very steamy scenes. KA can really write a good sexy time scene, I tell ya. But alas, the happiness doesn’t last for very long, that is until Chaos President – and Tabby’s dad – gets wind that his daughter, his baby girl is in a relationship with one of his men; a man he thought he could depend on not to do something like this. But ya see, Tack just doesn’t know that these two are not just hooking up – they’re in love, gosh damnit!


What ensues is the whole MC finding out – although some already knew or at the very least suspected – and quite a few not being happy with Shy for what he’s done. He’s essentially called to a meeting and given an ultimatum; his cut or the girl. Personally, I felt it was a bit too drastic and dramatic but then again, I’m not a dude or the president of a motorcycle club, so I could be wrong here. However, it’s just my feelings on the whole thing. Tabby’s a grown woman, she has a good job and lives on her own. It’s not as if she’s underage and living at home. In the end I think it just had to do with her dad feeling like his girl deserved not to be mixed up in the club.


Hot Bikers, angst, drama and romance all rolled into one nice package. This was a really strong and promising start to a great new series from Kristen Ashley . I have to say that there’s just this something about her books that just keep me coming back for more. Her style and voice is just different and unlike the rest for me. She’s definitely good at storytelling and I look forward to reading more of her work. I know that I mentioned all of this before but it just bears repeating.


*An Advance reading copy was provided by the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

Source: http://fic-talk.com/2013/11/own-the-wind-by-kristen-ashley-reviewed-by-lisa

An Urgent Plea.

Image from HERE.


Friends, as you have seen on the news, a monstrous typhoon hit my country last week. It killed, swept away, and displaced many people. What used to be lively provinces with lush green trees and heritage churches became wastelands that reek of death. Within a few hours, many of my brethren lost their homes and their loved ones, and have been left with absolutely nothing. It terrifies me to think what they could be feeling right now. Up to this day, aid is still scarce, and many are dying. 


On behalf of my fellowmen, I ask you to help and stand beside my helpless people rebuild their lives. I believe as citizens of the world, it is during these times that we have to help each other, especially those who have seen and felt the fury of nature's wrath.


If you can donate, please do so. Here is a link to many organizations that provide relief to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan: http://news.yahoo.com/how-to-help-donate-to-victims-of-super-typhoon-haiyan-195111618.html.


If you can't donate, that is fine as well. I instead ask you to keep the victims and families in your thoughts/prayers. Any of these is deeply appreciated.

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ARC Review: Take Me Home For Christmas

Take Me Home for Christmas - Brenda Novak







Christmas is a time for remembering.”





I've become a rather emotionally invested reader when it comes to this series. From the very first book, I was completely and totally hooked. The group of friends that we meet in the beginning – and continue to see throughout the rest of the books – is one that I rather enjoy reading about. The most anticipated story I wanted to read about, however, is Sophia and Ted's.




Sophia is hated by most everyone in town. She was the spoiled, little rich girl that just seemed to have everything and not care about anyone but herself... until she meets and falls in love with Ted when they were teens. Ted was a bit older, like a year or two but she loved him and he loved her. What could go wrong with that? Plenty.




When Ted graduated from high school and left to go away to college, their relationship took a huge hit. I mean, Ted came back during his breaks, etc, but he wasn't a constant in Sophia's life anymore. While I'm not excusing what she did at all, I'm looking at the situation from an unbiased perspective. I do not endorse cheating, at all. I do not. But Sophia wasn't your usual teen girl. She was the mayor's daughter, she was wealthy, and had a tendency to be rather reckless. Make that very reckless.




She cheated on Ted and got pregnant, and involuntarily caused the death of one of the town's finest young men. After that, well, her life was never the same. She lost Ted, who was beyond heartbroken. And she lost any amount of sympathy that some town's people may have had for her. She was essentially hated. And to be honest, I felt bad for her. If you've read the other books you'd know why I feel for her.







Take Me Home for Christmas tells the tale of second chances; at life, love & friendship. Christmas is supposed to be that magical time of year when things seem to work out, right? Sometimes, not always. While I'm a huge fan of Christmas, this story isn't all eggnog and sugar cookies and mistletoe. Nope. There was some serious angst thrown in and I ate it up like it was my favorite ice-cream.




It's more than 13 years after that whole debacle, but Sophia is still paying for what her teen self did. She's tried to be social by hanging out with the old crew that meets up every week or so for coffee at the diner, but she's not really a welcomed guest. She'd more than likely hurt or insulted everyone at the table at some point when she was a kid and they've found it hard to really forgive and accept her.




It's not until the unthinkable happens. Her husband, and father of her child, dies. I'll admit that while I don't wish bad on people, I did not wish him well at all. Skip was pompous, demeaning, and physically abusive. And Sophia bore that abuse for more than a decade? Atonement? I don't think it was worth it. She also stayed for her daughter, and the life that her father was able to afford her, but at the sake of her own well-being; physically and mentally. God, that was hard to read at times. I don't want to see a husband show a good face to his wife in public but then knocks her teeth out behind closed doors. Hell no. But throughout the series you see that Sophia feels like she deserves whatever happens to her because of the bad person she was before. It seems a tad bit extreme, but I see her thought process through the whole ordeal.




Plus Sophia is one big masochist. She endures all that, but also the meetings which her old-love Ted also attends. Knife, meet heart. He's mean to her, basically ignores her other than his short but hard jabs at her life and lifestyle. While I get that he felt jilted, I feel that people in the position to help others should.




So when Sophia's husband dies, by his own stupid fault I should add, she's left broke and again, a town pariah. Her late husband's been scheming the people and has lost all their hard earned money in a ponzi scam. Like the woman really needed any more hassle, right?




She's then forced to accept help from one of the women she considers a friend, but that's not all, she's begrudgingly accepted a job as a house keeper for none other than Ted. He's in need of someone to cook and clean and take care of his place since he's a famous writer and mostly holds up in his office writing, especially when on a deadline, and has no time to take care of anything.




It's hard, you guys. It's hard to read and watch these two - that you can't help but ship so hard – act so standoffish towards each other. Personally, I feel that Sophia more than redeemed herself and held her own after a major life change. They were homeless, she had to take a job as a maid in order to support her daughter and herself, while having to watch the man that she still loves so desperately live his life as if she doesn't exist.




Don't get me wrong, I feel for Ted, too, but he made some mistakes in this book that just screamed childish. I don't see how hooking up with someone who has been such a great friend to you for years is going to make feelings for another person go away. I honestly do not know what he was thinking. Blame it on the alcohol? Maybe.




I was glad to see the gradual changes in his and Sophia's relationship, though. He kept his distance... for a time. Until he couldn't help it anymore. Until he couldn't help but see the change in her. Until he couldn't help but care for her daughter, who is such an awesome kid that had to also learn the hard way that when life knocked, it knocked hard. I have to say that mother and daughter were such admirable characters in this story. I saw it and felt it much more as the story went on. Ted saw it, too.




He also realised that he was being an ass and needed to do something before he lost the love of his life again. Did I mention that this is angst-y? It is, but the good kind. The kind where the resolution and happy ever after doesn't come right away and when it does... it comes with a seriously high price to pay. But aside from the angst, it's a great love story. One love story that I've been waiting on for the last 4 books on. I wanted to see these two work their issues out and find some sort of common ground, and they did.




My only issue with this book was probably the somewhat rushed ending. I would have liked a page or two more to smoothly end this beautiful but sad tale of Ted and Sophia. But other than that, Novak is a pretty amazing romance writer that I've come to rely on for great story-telling. And the time period for the entire story just made it all so bittersweet but lovely. I very much recommend it as one of your holiday reads.




Source: http://fic-talk.com/2013/11/take-me-home-for-christmas-by-brenda-novak-reviewed-by-lisa

ARC Review: Through The Smoke by Brenda Novak

Through the Smoke - Brenda Novak

Let me start off by saying that I must now acquire a physical copy of this book. I must have one for my bookshelf. I must!


I happened upon this book while browsing Amazon. All of a sudden I got this alert at the top of my page stating that this book called Through The Smoke may be something I’d be wanting to read since I’ve read other books by the author. I thought to myself, well, maybe, but I’m not a really huge fan of historical romance books – least not anything that isn’t a classic.


Then I saw it was on Netgalley and put in a request for it, unknowing that one was already sitting in my inbox from the lovely author herself. So I thought that, you know, I will take a chance on this an bump it up on my To-Be-Read Pile.

I cannot praise this book enough. I just can’t. From the very beginning as I read the author’s note and saw that she was a huge fan of Jane Eyre (major points) and that Historical Romances are her first love, and she was so glad that she got the opportunity to get back to it, I was sold.


“He’d kill her. Just as soon as he could get his hands around her delicate neck, he’s stop the black heart that beat beneath all that misleading beauty and put an end to his own misery.”


From the very first page; from the very first sentence, my interest was caught; ensnared in a not so pretty world, with oh so pretty words – and held, knowing that I needed to see this through to the very end. I was captivated by the beautiful and vivid writing. The picture she was able to paint with her writing and descriptions of this dark, dreary and cold setting in not-so jolly old England in the early 1800′s, literally chilled me to the bone. Her words a hit to the chest that made me ache so many times throughout my reading that I couldn’t help but think: This woman is blowing my mind with this story.


The Earl of Druridge, Truman Stanhope has been desperately trying to get to the bottom of who killed his wife, Lady Katherine and set fire to his mansion for the last two years. Until he finds the culprit he cannot put the matter to rest. His deceased wife’s family is demanding he be charged with the murder, but the Earl, who was also caught in the blaze and has the scarred left hand to show for it, cannot remember anything after he confronted his wife for her betrayal. You see, she was carrying the child of another man and trying to pass it off as his, because she knew how much he wanted a heir.


So could he have caused it? Possibly.


“Amid the growling of the sky and the howling of the wind, Rachel could hear the surf not far away. Under normal circumstances, she loved the ocean, thought its rhythmic hush… hush the best of lullabies. Tonight it proved a lonely sound.”


Rachel McTavish is the bookseller’s daughter who lives in town. She’s one one of many who’ve been questioned in regards to the incident. But it wasn’t because of her involvement, it was due to the possible theory that her late father may have been the guilty party. Her father and brother both worked at the Earl’s mines and both died because of the job; her brother due to a cave-in, and her father due to miner’s lung. Rachel also has a secret; she may actually know the identity of the killer. Or does she?


These two were a treat to read about, their utter contempt and dislike for each other was a palpable thing. He disliked her because she was more than likely withholding vital information that he needed to have, and she despised him for the loss of half of her family. When Rachel is pressured into admitting that it was indeed her father who set the blaze that killed Lady Katherine and, destroyed part of his home, in hopes of the Earl allowing his doctor to look over her ailing mother, she is absolutely wretched to find out that it was all for nothing. Her mother had been to far gone for treatment and died before the doctor could reach, and she’d also sullied the name of her father.


But then something happens after this crucial point in the story, the Earl is revealed to be a rather kindhearted man, and Rachel realizes that there is more to her feelings of hate for the Earl. And that feeling is also mutual. But can what they have be accepted? I loved both of these characters so much.


Rachel was well-liked in the town but she always stood out. She was able to read and write and was different from the other women who would have already settled down with a husband and some children. She was a beautiful bookworm. The Earl, Truman. Le sigh. His very presence was made known in a room before he even spoke. But when he did, his voice was deep and demanded attention.


“The sooner he rid his room of any reminder of the bookseller’s daughter, the sooner he could forget the confusing emotions she inspired: the regret, the tenderness, the obligation, the longing.”


A Story of betrayal, forbidden love, family legacy, lies and murder. A story that will have you reading non-stop from start to finish. It is captivating, with some of the loveliest prose, dark and gritty. It will grab you and hold you tight and afterward leave you breathless in its intensity.


I highly recommend to fans of amazing, beautifully written historical romance, and has a penchant for stories that revolve around Jane Eyre inspired books.


An advance reading copy was provided by the publisher/author.


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Source: http://fic-talk.com/2013/10/through-the-smoke-by-brenda-novak-reviewed-by-lisa

23% read...

Through the Smoke - Brenda Novak

"He tried to shake off his disappointment, but the scent of her lingered, tantalizing him with the memory of how it had been to bed the strong-willed beauty he’d admired since their first meeting at the bookshop. Better, and worse, was the knowledge that only he had possessed her. Better because it somehow branded her as his own—and worse for the same reason."


"The sooner he rid his room of any reminder of the bookseller’s daughter, the sooner he could forget the confusing emotions she inspired: the regret, the tenderness, the obligation, the longing."


Gawd, I'm loving this book SO HARD.

Not Easy Letting Go.

It's not easy letting go of Goodreads. There, I said it. After all, I've given that site the best 4 years of my life!


But I have been a total failure at remembering to use BookLikes for my everyday use. For even simply adding new books to my TBR-Shelf, I have failed at doing that. I need to try harder, but again, like I said, it's not easy. I just need to try harder, right? (We'll just have to wait and see about that.)


Automatically my mind goes to Goodreads, and I guess because navigation is so much easier, I have almost every book I want at my fingertips, and the whole interfacing thing is simpler, that I just can't seem to help myself.


I don't even know what I'm doing. lol. Anyone else having problems/issues with their transition? Is it just me? Am I alone in my bubble?


Have actually almost fallen off the bed once...or twice.

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[Masterpost] Customizing BookLikes

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There are quite a few tutorials on how to change the layout of your BookLikes blog. I figured it's good to have them all in one post, and I'd like to thank all who put a lot of work into making them so others can enjoy BookLikes. 


Let's start with the customization blogs posted by BookLikes: 




Tutorials made by BookLikers for BookLikers: 





Note: All links open in a new window and take you to the original posts and their creators. Leave comments, likes and reblog the hell out of them so others can see it too :) 


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Easy Tips for Customizing Your BookLikes Blog

On the top of your homepage you’ll notice your navigation bar.




This will bring up your Settings page.



Now Scroll down a bit until you see this:




That’s going to bring up the template customization page. In the upper left hand corner, you’ll see this:



Once that is done, beneath the above posted menu you can scroll down. Do so until you find this:








Now comes the fun part, making that image static. Click on the Edit HTML button.



This is going to split your screen, with your blog showing below and the code window at the top. Don’t freak out. Scroll down through the code until you find these lines:



Now, where you see the green word ‘repeat’, replace that with ‘fixed’. It should now look like this:






Okay, so as you’ll notice in the screenshot above there’s a drop down menu with the word Blog selected. In order to assure that your background is fixed for all your pages you have to select that drop down and repeat the code change for each one listed:






Good luck, everyone. Hope this helps! 



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The Fetish Box: Part 3 Review

The Fetish Box, Part Three: What Remains - Nicole Camden

Sigh. I can't even. Review to come soon.


It's taken me a very long time to review this series but I finally think that I can...almost nine months later.

Overall, I did not like the series, but I also didn't hate it. The only good thing it had going for it was the fact that the writing style was easy to follow along with. I mean, it wasn't pretentious or flowery or even heavily bogged down with words that most people do not use in real life. While those may not be bad things under certain circumstances, in this case I was glad it was all left out.

So yeah, the writing was okay. Passable, even. But that isn't all it takes to write a book, is it? No.

Let's get to the actual story and its non-existent plot. Yes, that is the biggest fault with these books for me. What was the point of them? Was it just meant to be a bunch of books where the MC loses her virginity? Because essentially that is all it was. And let me be honest, it fell beyond flat. Flatter than a freaking crepe, but I digress.

I honestly did not see the point in any of it, and if I had to buy 3 different books just to get one or two measly sex scenes then I would rather spend my money elsewhere. No one wants to spend money on books that have no rhyme or reason to them. I wanted expected was a well-rounded story about a girl who loses the mother she never knew, who then inherits said mother's sex shop and BDSM party business. She also inherits all her mother's friends. Everyone seemed to love her mother, everyone was blessed enough to have known this supposedly amazing and caring woman--but her own daughter!

And did the main character actually gather any knowledge about the woman her mother was from these people?...Nope. Frustrating to the nth degree, I tell ya.

All she seems to gain is the men in her mother's life--who may or may not have been past lovers. Epic EW. Brain bleach is needed immediately after that thought crosses through your mind.

There isn't much growth in the MC, she essentially just finds her first lover in one of the men who also adored her mother and that's all she wrote. Literally.

In the end, I had to question whether this whole series was all just a dream and not something that I actually wasted my precious reading time on.

An Advance copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

[REBLOG] How to get a profile – with a pretty link in your menu and everything.

This is what you'll get:




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How to Change Your Followers/Following to Something Fun

In this post I'm going to show you how to change the Followers and Following sections on your pages into something creative like Minions and Masters. 

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Trouble Me (Rosewood Trilogy Series #3)

Trouble Me - Laura Moore 4.5 highly enjoyable starsI read it, I loved it, I want more.

Trouble Me (Rosewood Trilogy Series #3)

Trouble Me - Laura Moore

4.5 highly enjoyable starsI read it, I loved it, I want more.