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Always a Witch

Always a Witch - Carolyn MacCullough I will honestly say that the ending was predictable, but how it was done was unexpected and heartbreaking.It was very touching. I love Tamsin. She's a strong female lead. She's outspoken, stands up for herself and she's not afraid of facing the bad guy. The way she feels for Gabriel and his involvement in the book was heartwarming and sweet.I was happy to see him in this book, although, we got very little of him. I thought he was rather brave and supportive.They both had to realize that they couldn't tell the other what to do - no matter the reason. Whether it was for their own good or not, it was their decision to make to step into the crossfire or not.I loved that we got answers in this book.I loved that, in my opinion, all the lose ends were tied up.A very solid second installment. Definitely a favorite of mine.Snarky, sarcastic, fast paced, exciting, and well written. I may have teared up at the ending. Such a good book.