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Stormdancer (Lotus War)

Stormdancer  - Jay Kristoff I had to prepare myself before taking the plunge into Stormdancer. I have no words. I am completely flabbergasted. I don't even know where to put myself after reading this fucking phenomenal book. I need to meet Jay Kristoff and talk his ear off about how incredible this book was, how I dreamed about this book and the world that he created.Complete and total nerdgasm. Feudal Japan, kickass clans with kickass tattoos. A Badass heroine that I loved to bits & pieces. Steampunk, katanas, griffins, red lotus... and the list goes on.Also, Jay's writing is utter perfection. It's so vivid and alive and beautiful and I want to eat his words. A little scary, I know, but I do. Let's just get that dirt off your shoulder there, Jay. Full review to come a little later.