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Cry Wolf (Alpha and Omega Series #1)

Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs Without having read the novella On The Prowl before starting this you'd be essentially dropped into a story that is a continuation of the prequel. Not cool. So, I had to stop and read the short story first then come back to this. It is a must read in my opinion since it sets up the foundation of Anna and Charles's relationship.Cry Wolf starts off with Bran taking Anna and Charles back home to Montana. Anna has decided to move away from Chicago - and her shitty old pack - to live with Charles in his home and eventually become a part of his father's pack once they have an official mating ceremony.Overall, I have to say that I really enjoyed this one, even though it was lacking in a few areas. Patricia Briggs really knows how to writer proper Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. Her storytelling ability is just beautiful. I have to say that even though Anna isn't my favourite heroine, I didn't hate her, either. I was really glad to see how her relationship with Charles grew throughout the book. Charles was just one of those characters that had piqued my interest ever since I first started to read The Mercy Thompson books and I was rather chomping at the bit to get an insight into what kind of person he is and if he lived up to the hype that Mercy built around him.Another perk of this book was that we also got some more information on The Marrok, Bran. I feel as if Briggs really made him come alive in the pages of this book and even though he still has this mysterious and dangerous air about him, we're shown that there's so much more to Bran and it may be possible that we'll never get the whole story about him, which isn't a bad thing because a little mystery and ambiguity is sometimes better than having everything spelled out for you.Also, having just finished Frost Burned it was interesting to read about the man known as The Moor.Great job to Briggs. A very thrilling read from start to finish.