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Against the Wall (Maverick Montana, #1) - Rebecca Zanetti 3.5 StarsReally enjoyed this one. And I seriously loved Jake! He can go all primitive on me anytime he wants to. ;)It’s funny but I have yet to actually read a bad book that’s been released from Entangled publishing house. And this is not me praising or trying to sell the publishing house, but in truth, just me being as honest as I can. So when I saw that this was up for review I took the chance on it without really giving the summary much thought. I just knew that it would be an enjoyable read and I’d get my romance fix – which I did – but I liked it more than I thought I would.Sophie Smith is a landscape architect for a company that designs golf courses. So she’s in Montana looking over a prime piece of real estate that has nothing to do with where the golf course is supposed to be built, but on the land that is nearby it that is home to the Kooskia tribe’s lake; A lake which the tribe does not want to become polluted and is the main reason for the opposition that has come up against the construction of the course. Sophie then finds herself surveying the land and its surroundings to prove that no such thing will come from the golf course being built in that area. But Sophie is in for an awakening, one which I would not call rude but very, very, sexy.“I caught her. I get to keep her.”Jake Lodge is the tribe’s lawyer and a hot cowboy to boot! His first meeting with Sophie literally has her swept off her feet… and onto horseback. He’s a very imposing figure, literally. He’s this big, strong and rugged 100% Native American cowboy that is not just intensely attractive, but highly intelligent and has a good sense of humor.A guy with looks and brains and also a great dad to little Leila. What more could you ask for? Alas, he’s asking for a bit too much – from Sophie that is. Jake is not some back town, hick lawyer, but a highly regarded one in his state and in the country’s capital. So when Sophie finds out that he’s the one defending the tribe she feels a little blindsided because she wasn’t expecting the gorgeous guy that flirted with her whilst knowing who she was is essentially her opponent in this case.But Jake is a force of a man that you shouldn’t expect to go up against and have any hopes of beating – inside and outside the courtroom. He’s very bold and takes the lead in proposing that he and Sophie get together for the period of time that she’s in town, but like all great laid plans, things don’t always work out the way we expect them to and things between the two of them really start to heat up.Sophie becomes close with the Lodge family, especially with Jake’s mom Loni. Spending time with his family gives her the chance to see how different every family is and what she’d missed out on growing up with a mother who only wanted to marry rich, a father who was MIA and a stepfather who could not have cared less. The only shining light for her was her stepfather’s brother – and her boss, Uncle Nathan. He’s always encouraged her to follow her dreams and her dream is to just be able to paint. And the Lodge family is able to bring her into their close-knit family and help her to see that she can have her dream, that there’s no one holding her back but herself, but sometimes feeling obligated can be a bitch so giving up and letting go can be a challenge.I feel like I’m giving away too much of the story already so I’ll just stop right there and say that if you’re a fan of Zanetti’s you will want to pick up this book. This is my first time reading her work and besides the really interesting and diverse characters, her vivid descriptions of the town and the land were so beautiful that I wished I was there while reading the book!Overall, a really enjoyable read with sexy Native American cowboys – yep, there’s more than one! A little quirky but strong heroine and great secondary characters, you’ll want to check this one out. My only issue was with the ending and how it felt kind of abrupt but that was basically because I wanted more, so that wasn’t really a turn off. Looking forward to the next book, which I believe is Jake’s brother Quinn.An Advance copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This review and more can be seen on Fic Talk