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Big Girl Panties: A Novel

Big Girl Panties - Stephanie Evanovich This reminded me of a fanfic I once read. I swear to God that I thought the author was a Twi-FF writer, but no, it's Janet Evanovich's niece, a legit author. Edit:I should mention that at the time while I was in Twi fandom years ago, there was a FF writer who wrote a story that was everything like this book. The only difference was the fact that the heroine in this story lost her husband to cancer. The heroine's husband left her in the fanfic. But aside from that this story read just like the ff that I had read once upon a time. The only difference is? That was a whole lot better.I didn't hate this story, I just liked it. It was funny at times, but other times it just fell flat for me. The secondary characters in the book was a couple that was friends with the trainer dude and they had this fetish for spanking that really lightened the whole story. I guess my biggest issue is the hero. I liked him at times but not throughout the entire book. I think that maybe he was what fell flat? He was very superficial and uncaring. He just did the training thing because he was good at turning ugly ducklings into swans. He was essentially obsessed with the transformation at the end of it all. It was almost as if the women he trained were pieces of clay and he was the artist who molded them into perfection. I guess that I didn't really care for that. I get wanting to help someone to get on the path to being healthy and feeling good in their bodies but it shouldn't all be about the person ending up as this perfect specimen.I get that theirs wasn't a love at first sight - or even a lust at first sight - relationship. That it progressed from trainer and trainee, to friendship, to at the very end, a romantic relationship. But I didn't really get much emotion from the hero. I felt many things from the heroine and the other characters, but I just had issues with him. All in all, I did like the book, not love it. I see that the author has potential. The writing wasn't bad, there was a good bit of humorous elements that I enjoyed. I can see a bit of Janet in Stephanie's writing when it comes to being funny and lighthearted but it isn't quite as developed. That being said, it doesn't mean I won't be looking forward reading whatever Stephanie writes next because I will!