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Try Me - Olivia Cunning Not a bad first start for this series. I would have liked it to be longer, but seeing as it’s a novella I shouldn’t have expected a long, dragged out story, but a hell of a lot of fluff and romance. I will say that this series has nothing on Cunning’s Sinner’s books, which features the same type of musicians – rock stars. But there’s more of a story in those books and they’re waaaay hotter.The best thing about this story for me was the fact that even though Gabe, the drummer of Sole Regret, is this big rock star, he’s a physics nerd. Total win. I never would have thought that a guy who had tattoos on the side of his head and a mo-hawk dyed black and red would be a science nerd. I guess the old saying is right: Never judge a book by its cover. *ahem* But I do appreciate how Cunning wrote Gabe’s character in this book. I liked all the guys so far. They all seem to have “issues” that they haven’t dealt with as yet, so I’m looking forward to reading more about them in the upcoming novellas.Okay, so let me break it down for you. Melanie, the protag, is dragged along to a Sole Regret concert by her bff, Nikki, who’s into musicians. Nikki wants to hook up with the band’s lead singer, Shade, so Melanie does what most gullible best friends do, and goes along to look out for her wayward friend.In the process we learn that Melanie had a run-in with some bikers when she was a teen and it left her emotionally scarred and so now she’s absolutely terrified of dudes with tattoos and piercings. So when she meets Gabe at the band’s after party and he’s dressed like a normal guy, she’s not afraid to take a chance on him. Though even when she does find out who he is, she isn’t afraid of him and his ink and such. She’s just totally attracted to his hot bod.Now, ya see, this I can understand, to a degree. In this beginning of the book Melanie seemed to panic every time she spotted a guy in the audience at the concert who sported even the slightest amount of ink or had a piercing, so I was a little confused as to how all of her fears just went out the window as soon as she met Gabe – a stranger. One of the guys she was basically judging while watching them perform on stage. She wondered why people would ruin their features with tattoos and piercings, so forgive me for being a little skeptical, mkay?Also, I have to comment on the couple of grammatical errors present. Incomplete sentences and missing words that I had to fill in on my own. I can’t lie, That actually bugged me quite a bit. It would bug me if I did it myself.Overall I’d give this a solid 3 stars because it was a total fluff piece, but I liked it. What I didn’t like I mentioned above, but also the ending was rather abrupt and felt rather rushed. All in all, I will be reading the next in the series. And if you’re a fan of fluff pieces with hot, tatted, pierced musicians, then pick it up.Review also posted at - Try Me by Olivia Cunning reviewed at Fic Talk by Lisa