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When You Dare - Lori Foster review to come later.Just know that Dare is UNF-tastic. I posted my review on www.fic-talk.com and on the FicTalk Blog goodreads account. REVIEWMany thanks to Harlequin for the ARC!When You Dare is the first in the Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series by Lori Foster. The series features uber-alpha, overprotective, and strong males. Her writing is just superb.When You Dare by Lori FosterThe heroine, Molly, is not your typical female lead who plays the damsel in distress routine. No, not at all. Foster has written an independent, tough, yet sensitive female protagonist. She doesn’t back down and even when she was held captive, ill treated, and tortured, she dealt with it. She did not break down, she did not cry, beg, or plead. She held strong. Not knowing that the man who now held her in his possession was her savior, she struck back even in her weakened state.I love Lori Foster’s male leads. They are definitely not your average male heroes and this one is no different. Dare is a well trained, lethal, and a deadly machine who has some quirks that just don’t seem like the norm for a man of his caliber. He has this thing about everything being neat and tidy. He’s efficient and organized. He always has a plan. And what truly made him appealing – besides how amazingly attractive he is physically – was the love he had for his ‘girls’. I think that really sealed the deal for me.While he was on a personal mission to save his best friend’s sister from a band of human traffickers he stumbles upon something unexpected. A woman among the younger captives is an anomaly. Usually the kidnappers go after rather young women that can be sold off to the highest bidder and Molly doesn’t fit their standards. She’s beautiful in her own right, but she’s just not what is usually sought after. So there must be another reason for why she was kidnapped and held prisoner.As Dare and Molly move forward after the incident, they discover that danger still lurks on the outside. Molly isn’t completely safe, but Dare is determined to find out who was behind her disappearance and why. He’s made it his mission to keep her safe. No matter what.This is a sexy, smoldering, action packed story, with some mystery to it. Lori Foster really delivers in this book.