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Branded as Trouble: Rough Riders Series, Book 6

Branded as Trouble - Lorelei James I must say that this book was probably the best in the bunch so far for me.I liked reading about Colt and how he's doing now years after his recovery from alcohol, etc.His friendship with India, which had always been more for him than it was for her, developed insuch a great way. It didn't feel forced or rushed. I mean, damn, ya think 3 years and a couple months is a long enough time to love someone from afar? That answer would be: HELLS YES.I thought India was a cool, bad-ass, but admirable female character. A little melodramatic at times, but not unbearable. We finally get some face-time with big daddy, Carson Mckay, who spawned all the ZOMG-SUPERSEXY-MOST-WANTED-SUPERHAWT-COWBOYS-EVAR.He wasn't as bad as I'd thought he'd be. He's a lot more like Colt was and is that he pulled away from him in his time of need and never really got completely attached to him, even though he actually did, in his own way. Overall, not bad. I actually liked it. Definitely "the-most-liked" in my shelf in the series.