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Carnal Ecstasy

Carnal Ecstasy  - Lissa Matthews 3.5 StarsThis one wasn't as great as the first but I still liked it. It read a lot quicker than the last one, even though it's already very short, and there were a few scenes that kinda squicked me out. the pool cue that Dallon used on Carrie. Epic Ew. I mean, he could have at least sanitized it first like he did with the beer bottle! That pretty much turned me off for a bit. Also, it lacked the emotion that book one did. I didn't feel that Dallon and Carrie were really seriously into each other, or at least as deeply that I wanted them to be.Overall, not a bad read. I really like that Lissa writes about curvy and plus sized heroines and not just the typical stick thin girls that we always read about. I could have done without the women being so innocent though, but that would have meant that we'd have no hot story to read.