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Trust in Me (Dark Erotica)

Trust in Me - Skye Warren It's obvious that Skye Warren can write a book. It's also obvious that she's very good at spinning tales of dubious consent and human trafficking. She writes dark and disturbing quite like no other. And while I like her writing style and the way she can bring these types of stories to life, I have to say that this book made my eyes burn and my head pound. I'll just be blunt and say it: The heroine of this story should have died after everything she'd been through. As the book progressed, the things that happened to her just got progressively worse. Her hopelessness and desire to die certainly filtered through the book and made me ache for her, and just wish that her captors would just frigging well put her out of her misery and end all the damn torture.Alas, I was not to get my wish. I guess I should have taken to heart what the author said about her belief in HEAs, but after all of that I for one was not reading this story with any sort of happily ever after in mind as the end result - reassurances from the author or not.In the end, I was just glad to be done with this book.