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The Highlander's Touch (The Highlander Series, Book 3)

The Highlander's Touch - Karen Marie Moning So, this was the first book in the series that actually had an immortal dude in it. I know, right? A Highlander series where so far only one guy is immortal.I'll admit it wasn't bad in the beginning, but close to the end is where it took a turn for the, not worse, but totally and completely ridiculous.I tell you, I practically saw it coming and had to speed read because I couldn't believe she actually tied it up in such a way. And like the last two books, the heroines always - I repeat, always - end up pregnant. It's like that is the formula for a happily ever after and without it you may as well end the world now.But while Karen Marie Moning can write the romance aspect very well, her stories have plot holes so big I'm surprised I didn't fall into one. I kid you not.In the end, the writing style wasn't horrible and the romance between the H/h wasn't too disgusting so I gave it a 2. Also, due to dialogue and all the "doonas" I was rather enjoying that aspect of it. I like the whole accent thing. Hah.I'll keep reading these books until I get to the very damn last one, I tell ya. I really want to use "doona" in a sentence but I can't think of what to say. Darn it.