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Only Mine (Fool's Gold Series #4)

Only Mine - Susan Mallery The hero in this story was quite unreasonable, if you ask me. His younger--but of legal age--twin brothers decide to join a reality show that's being shot in Fool's Gold about finding love, etc. Finn, so does not approve of their reckless and thoughtless behavior, so he follows them and plots to get them back home to Alaska, where they will eventually take over the family business of flying planes. He's also got an anger issue because on more than one occasion he was threatening people on the crew of the show to fire his brothers.Other than those bits, which were somewhat hard to overlook, but I did coz he was snarky, and supposedly hot. Plus underneath his tough exterior he did have his brother's well-being in mind.Dakota, well, I liked her from the beginning. The Hendrix triplets are fun to read about. She's another strong heroine who decided to not wait for a man in order to start a family but started one on her own. Man be damned. Or not. If she falls in love along the way, well, that would be good too.For me, I didn't really care to read about Finn's brothers. They kind of just bored me. Finn wasn't always the best, but we got to see how great he is with kids, which was extremely adorable.But again, I rather hate how all the men just... leave. I guess that Mallery is trying to show how strong the women in her stories are but sometimes I wish it would be the woman to leave and tell the hero to go suck it. But that's just me.