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Finding Perfect (Fool's Gold Series #3)

Finding Perfect - Susan Mallery I chose the shelf "awesome heroine" because I felt that the kind of person Pia was and what she did in this book made her awesome. While reading I sympathized with her, because the decision that she made was basically monumental and life-changing. It also showed that I'd actually like to have a friend like her.As for Raoul, I found him to be an admirable guy--if not slightly misguided. He was upstanding and appealing but a little hardheaded too.While he did a very good thing by choosing to help Pia with her choice of becoming a mother, he kinda didn't think everything the whole way through. Sometimes the men in these books are kind of clueless but adorable. Like a cute puppy that you need to train. Haa.Although while I liked this story very much, I find Mallery's story lines to be rather formulaic and repetitive. I think it's more apparent to me since I'm reading all the books in the series back to back but they're all so predictable--but still enjoyable.