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Almost Perfect (Fool's Gold Series #2)

Almost Perfect (Fool's Gold, Book 2) - Susan Mallery This book had a bit more of a storyline and definitely more substance than the first book. In the first one it felt more like an introduction to the town and the fact that they have this "man shortage" which is a problem for all the ladies.We get more from Ethan and Liz as a couple than we did from Charity and Josh. We see how hard it was to grow up in Fool's Gold for Liz and just when she'd finally thought she'd found this great love of her life, he turns around and basically stabs her in the heart. Not literally. Hee.I liked the angst and heartbreak that we got from Liz. While she did have a hand in wronging Ethan--to an extent--she did also show that she was a girl who'd be hurt and didn't have anyone to come to her aid.I honestly felt for her. I felt her hatred for the town and I felt that it was justified. For a town that tries to come off as all prim and proper and do-gooders, they all sat back while Liz had to grow up with an abusive mother. I really enjoyed reading Liz and Ethan's story. This book really got me excited about the series.