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The Wanderer - Robyn Carr 4.5 Stars I completely adored this story. Robyn Carr is such a fantastic author and I'm already in love with this new series that has been introduced to us for 2013. -----------------------------------------------------------------------There’s been no word on whether there will be any more Virgin River books – and that makes me very sad! – but I’m happy to say that Robyn Carr has given me another new series to fall in love with! Before even starting this book I knew that this would be yet another go-to series for me to buy and read. I’ll try to keep it as spoiler-free as possible, but I tend to get very wordy when talking about Robyn Carr books that I love.The first installment, The Wanderer, tells the story of Hank Cooper, an ex army-pilot, who travels to the Oregon coast where there is a small beach side town that is very quaint and was home to his army buddy, Ben, who had recently passed away. Hank has no idea why he’s there, except at the request of his late friend who he had made a promise to show up there in the event that something happened. On the outside it seems as if Ben had a regular accident which resulted in his death but Hank – or Coop, as he likes to be referred to – just finds it strange that his buddy who was as huge as a bear and healthy as one too would just die like that. So upon arrival in Thunder Point, Coop meets the sheriff, Mac, who gives him the lay of the land and becomes the first friend that Coop makes in town.Eventually, he finds out that the reason Ben wanted him there was because he’d left Coop his property and business which included a bait and tackle shop and a huge piece of very expensive beach front property that was left untouched all the years that it was in Ben’s possession.While in town Coop makes friends with a few people, but the person he really wants to meet and get to know is the girl who walks on the beach with this monster of a dog. Sarah Dupre is a helicopter rescue pilot who has recently moved to Thunder Point with her younger brother Landon who is now in her custody after the deaths of their parents. Landon becomes good friends with Coop and vice versa. Coop is kinda starts to look out for him after an encounter on the beach that Coop intervenes on one day.But when Landon’s sister finds out he’s been hanging out with Coop she’s not too keen on the idea of a grown man befriending her brother and decides to investigate the situation, like any good sister would.What transpires is this really – quick – but great romance between Coop and Sarah, though at times I felt like they were cheated out a tad bit on the page front. I would have liked to have seen more of them as a couple, if I’m being honest. But the story in itself was a great one. Coop still struggles with his inability to put down roots and that was breaking my heart quite a bit – thus the name The Wanderer. He doesn’t stay in one place too long and his whole relationship with Sarah essentially had an expiry date from the start. But with all great romances sometimes it can really change the person… for the better.There were actually many story lines, which is not unusual with a series from Carr and I loved them all. We got the setup for the next book which will feature Mac, the sheriff, and Gina who’s been a great friend to him ever since his wife left him and his kids year ago. I thought it was all very sweet and meant to be. We also see some other romances come to light and some new ones beginning.Overall, this is not a story that you’d want to miss if you’re a fan of Robyn Carr. The writing is stellar and you can see that Carr really did her research when writing about the different job aspects for helicopter rescue pilots, it didn’t read as a huge info-dump but it read very well and I was hooked from start to finish. An Advance copy was provided by the publisher. This review can also been seen on Fic Talk.