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Twelve Months

Twelve Months - Steven Manchester I'll be honest right now and say that if it wasn't for the author requesting that my book club read his book, I would not have picked this up. This book, for me, was grueling and a show of the strong effort that I had to put into it just to finish it. It was long - at some times I felt like my percentage read was going nowhere - it was drawn out and there were many parts that just left me going "Meh" at the things I read.And all those trips that the protag was taking in order to fulfill his honey-do list was all very superficial and stereotypical. I felt as if he was looking at these places that he visited as if he were better than the locals. And don't even get me started on when he supposedly visited Barbados. Just don't. Overall, I think the author has potential as a writer but his storytelling skill falls flat.