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Wicked Business (Lizzy and Diesel Series #2)

Wicked Business - Janet Evanovich This second installment to the Lizzy and Diesel series was a much anticipated read for me after finishing Wicked Appetite. However, it was a let down. It didn't ramp things up for me. I thought it would have taken things to another level and gotten better, but it wasn't as good as the first book, in my opinion.I still liked Diesel and I still liked Lizzy. Glo was still her quirky self. And Clara was still the voice of reason while she went about baking and keeping her business, well, in business. I mean, she barely has two employees and recently with the appearance of Diesel and Wulf, and Glo thinking she might be a wizard-in-training, and Lizzy being an "Unmentionable", the two women have been at work less and less. Makes me wonder how Clara does manage to run the Bakery by herself and make a profit.Anywho, Diesel is still cute, arrogant and witty. Wulf is still the underdeveloped "villain" that we met in WA. And Lizzy still bakes. We see them chasing after another SALIGIA stone. This time it is the Luxuria stone; the sin of lust. What we got besides a couple of laughs and two kisses between Lizzy and Diesel, was a rather descriptive tour of Harvard and Yale and its surrounding areas. I mean, it wasn't all too bad but I'd rather be there than have to read about what roads they took and what building they saw. Sometimes less is more.Overall I still liked this book but it wasn't as humourous as the last book and that's what I really enjoyed about the first one. We saw very little of the rather smart monkey, Carl. Seriously, sometimes he steals the show for me. Who wouldn't want a monkey that has enough sense to flip people off when they annoy him or take him for granted just because he's a monkey? And he also mooned Diesel. Hilarious.Now if only I could find out when the next book comes out.