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The Prodigal Cowboy (Harlequin Special Edition Series #2209)

The Prodigal Cowboy - Kathleen Eagle 2.75 Stars Or maybe just 3 stars, not sure yet.Not a bad read really. It was actually rather smart writing. The pacing was very well done, the characters were interesting and engaging and I read it from start to finish without too much of a problem.Where it went wrong for me was that I wasn't familiar with the series, had no idea it was a series and just requested it because the summary piqued my interest. Love a good cowboy, yo.And this cowboy had such redeeming and admirable qualities that I smiled a lot while reading his parts. He was a really great hero. I also feel that she displayed the native american ethnicity of the characters very well. It was all very interesting to read and it didn't come off as stereotypical in any way.Overall, a pretty decent read and would have probably been a bit better if I was informed beforehand that this was a series and not a standalone. Still, an enjoyable read. Also, this author can write really well. I like her style. Looking forward to reading more of her future work.My biggest issue with this book is the cover, however. That does not look like Ethan Wolf Track or at least how he was described in the book - seriously love the surname - Ethan is mixed race. Why do they have a caucasian model on the cover? Not cool. Misrepresentation, people. I do not appreciate that at all.