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The Fireman Who Loved Me (The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel, #1) - Jennifer Bernard Unfortunately I just couldn't force myself to finish this. Yes, this was a DNF for me. I hate to have to put a book that had such great potential on this shelf.It's sad that I was actually looking forward to reading this afterreading the summary on goodreads. The concept sounded like somethingthat I would have been interested in reading.I got to about 20% in this book and had to put it down.The main female character was just too annoying and whiny to me, and came off a little ungrateful, even.I mean, her grandmother wasn't shaming her by trying to fix her up, get over yourself already. I couldn't stand to see a grown woman treat a woman, her grandmother, whom she claimed to love dearly like she was a child.I really tried to push through but it just wasn't happening.The chemistry between the two main characters fell flat and the characters felt way too one-dimensional.