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Next of Kin (Rebel Ridge Series #1)

Next of Kin (Rebel Ridge Novels) - Sharon Sala Such lovely shelves, eh?I have no idea what to really say here except...Are you kidding me? Are you freaking kidding me?I must have read the summary wrong or some shit but THAT is not what I expected.I will admit that I did not finish this book. I didn't.That is probably why I'm in the minority here who did not rate thisbook 4 or 5 stars.Let me start by saying the first thing that SCREAMED: DANGER DANGER, LISA! YOU WILL END UP PISSED OFF! is the fact that the MC was 25 and in love with a 17! year old girl. WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT. No.Grown man meet little girl. Enough said. Secondly, THEY ARE COUSINS. So what if they're 4th cousins and their mothers didn't know each other?Dude, get your GROWN ASS OFF THE FRIGGING MOUNTAIN and go find a woman your own age and stop LUSTING after your underage COUSIN.No wonder her parents moved her away under the cover of darkness to get her away from YOU. Gah. Again, so what if majority of the eligible women on the mountain are related to you and thus leaving you with slim fucking pickings. You look for one IN NORMALVILLE. That's what you do.Oh, and did I mention that he pined for her for ten years after she left? He wrote her letters and tried to get in contact but her sneaky(SMART) parents thwarted all his efforts. GO PARENTS!The End. FLOUNCITIS WON OUT.