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Lucky Girl - Cate Lord Thanks to Entangled Publishing for the ARC of this book.2.5 stars.Jessica's still getting over the bad break up with her ex-fiance who cheated on her as she attends her cousin's wedding in her father's homeland, jolly, old England.While at Tilly's wedding, she encounters Nick. The guy who saw her at herworst a little over 2 years ago when she last visited England for her grandfather's funeral. She got drunk after the funeral and basically sobbed and threw up in a plant pot at this pub while Nick held her hairand soothed her cries.She'd been thinking about the odds of her meeting up with him again while on her vacation, not really sure if she's actually see him again and get her chance.Lucky for her he turned up at the wedding as one of the groomsmen. Luck had finally smiled down on Jessica and maybe she'd get her chance at a shot with sexy Nick Mondinello... or maybe not.He wasn't alone at the wedding, but then again what supposed playboy ever is?What ensues is a whole lot of misconceptions and assumptions on Jessica's part. She had already pegged what kind of man Nick really was, and the fact that she wasn't meant to find her happily ever after, even though she wanted it so badly.She'd just settle for whatever Nick had to offer, even if what it meant was an insignificant fling. However, Nick has other plans.All in all I wasn't fully sold on this book. I read the summary and got caught up in the possibility of this amazingly awesome story, but it was a little too wordy and the main character, Jessica, was kind of annoying. However, she did have some redeeming qualities. She was a good daughter, she was becoming a very protective cousin to Charlotte, her beautiful and sweet and innocent cousin who also seemed to may have found love. She helped Charlotte open up and take some chances, while being cautious of her new crush's intentions.A little funny, a lot quirky, with a dash of sweet and swoon worthy moments.Read full review at www.fic-talk.com