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Detective Daddy (Harlequin Intrigue)

Detective Daddy - Mallory Kane 2.5 Stars.Thanks to Harlequin for the ARC of this book.Overall this was just okay for me. It had a lot of nice sexual tension and an attractive male main character and a likeable female main character, and good solid writing. As for the plot and the mystery of 'WHO DONE IT?', that was easy as peas to pick out. It was really not much of a suspense if you ask me.That was probably the biggest downfall of it for me, but also the fact that a major point felt like it was overlooked - WHO KILLED ASH'S PARENTS? - was also left unanswered. It felt a little rushed in the ending: the bad guy's big reveal, the declaration of love... all tied up so quickly at the end was kind of a let down. Sigh.