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Big Girls Don't Cry

Big Girls Don't Cry - Cathie Linz I really liked this one. Not all models are stick thin, and not all women need to be size zeros to be beautiful. This was the case for Leena. She has her issues, she went with the mantra "fake it til you make it" and so on. She's grown up being self reliant, not needing anyone to depend on but herself.Cole was smooth, cheeky and a sweet talker. I loved him. With his baby blues and his drawl, who wouldn't? And he's a vet, he takes in strays and animals that would have otherwise be put down. He's the hot guy who gets the girls but has a heart and his own fears. Sigh.Sometimes unrealistic but it's a romance novel with little dashes of sadness. It is what it is, and I enjoyed reading it.