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Playboy Prince (Language of Love, No. 39)

The Playboy Prince (Cordina #3) - Nora Roberts You really gotta love the Bisset boys! Or should I say Princes?I loved Ben from the beginning. He was always fun and what not, but in this we got to see his serious side. It was intense and rather entertaining. One downfall to the entire series would be that I didn't quite feel and understand the author's way and writing of her love scenes. Some I did get and were lovely, but others were just so wildly described and expressed that I kinda felt like she had no idea what she was talking about. I get that maybe she didn't want to go in depth and make it smutty but it seemed off at times. However, I was just happy with the way everything ended. Took me 2 days to read everything. They were quick little reads.